Welcome Fibro family to our introductory seasonal newsletter.  My name is Tom Stockwell, Executive Director of FibroFighters Foundation.  During the past six years I have had the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary patients and their loving resolute families.  Being inspired by Robert and all our past and present FibroFighters we continue our unwavering support by assisting patients and families affected by fibrolamellar.   I am incredibly proud of our volunteer advocates team who share in our mutual goals of knowledge building and community engagement.   

Tom Stockwell (top right) with his wife, Carrie (top left), with their son, Robert (middle), after his liver transplant.

The reasons for publishing our seasonal newsletter: 

  • Offering timely communication and knowledge regarding many aspects of Fibrolamellar 
  • Sharing valuable updates on “Our Promises4Fibro” initiatives. Our Promise Page
  • Reading about patient and caregiver experiences as told through their eyes.
  • Communicating about past and upcoming events relevant to the community.
  • Bringing our Fibrolamellar community closer and encouraging feedback and participation.  

I am incredibly proud of our volunteer advocates who share in our mutual goals of knowledge-building and community engagement. Special thanks to our editor, Laura Golian, for making our newsletter become reality.   

Our team is extremely excited about the newsletter and hopes you find it to be beneficial. Each of you represents the heartbeat of our community, and sharing knowledge empowers each of us to face the challenges our rare cancer presents.  

Let us know what you think, we rely on your feedback to help serve the community better. You can reach us by emailing ContactUs@fibrofighters.org or Tom@fibrofighters.org

Thank you for your participation.  Our team sends love and healing your way. 

Tom Stockwell

Founder and Executive Director