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What is BostonGene?

Early in 2022 FibroFighters began working with BostonGene to have patients existing tumor samples which had been stored in paraffin block tested for the following.

The BostonGene Tumor Portrait™ Test, a comprehensive integrated genomic (WES) and transcriptomic (RNA-seq) analysis of tumors and    the tumor microenvironment, reveals key drivers of each tumor,  including:

  • Immune microenvironment properties
  • Actionable mutations
  • Biomarkers of response to diverse therapies
  • Recommended treatments

    After a comprehensive analysis, the BostonGene Tumor Portrait™ Test generates a personalized roadmap for therapeutic decision-making for individual cancer patients.

    While other testing from Foundation One, Tempus and Caris can be useful we found this report offers clinicians the ability to explore the tumor microenvironment unique to any other test FibroFighters has found.  In addition, what makes BostonGene test unique is the ability to test a tumor sample from up to five years old and compare it with a recent sample collection and then make a comparison of the changes that occurred during the 5-year period.  They call this report an evolution report.

    BostonGene is a CLIA approved lab and presents detailed reports to the treating clinicians and the patient. https://bostongene.com/technology/#laboratory-b

    BostonGene is currently working with many insurance companies in the U.S.  The goal is to have this comprehensive test fully covered by insurance over the coming months and years.  Currently only a few insurance carriers are covering all or a part of the test, so the company offers a one-page financial assistance form allowing patients to apply for financial assistance. FibroFighters can set up a consultation with a territorial representee so they can provide all the information needed and help cut through all the red tape associated with attempting to secure samples from pathology departments around the country or the world.

    See the following links to learn more about BostonGene and please contact our Medical Director Dr. Kent paulkentmd@fibrofighters.org  or myself tom@fibrofighters.org  to learn more about the program.

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