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The FibroFighters International Tumor Board

Hear from Medical Director Dr. Paul Kent as he speaks with Tom Stockwell for an informative Q & A about the FibroFighters Tumor Board.

What is the International Tumor Board?

Many are familiar with tumor boards held at large medical centers in the US and around the world. These Boards are designed to bring a multi-disciplinary group together to discuss the best options for individual cancer patients. However, challenges arise when convened for rare cancers, such as Fibrolamellar, as the professions discussing the case may have lots experience, but often not with Fibrolamellar specifically. 

FibroFighters was determined to provide a better option for our unique patient community. In August 2022, we introducted the FibroFighters/xCures International Tumor Board. This board offers opintions in a non-biased manner to come to a consensus viewpoint. 

During each tumor board, we invite your local medical teams to join our experts who have learned the many nuances of Fibrolamellar from multiple disciplines, including surgical, interventional radiology, radiation oncology, and oncology.  We provide a robust discussion using the patient’s most recent scans, and xCures provides a visual graph of the patient journey allowing everyone to see the complete picture on one screenAfter the tumor board discussion, xCures compiles a detailed report of the consensus reached for each case discussed and shares this with the local treating medical team to discuss with their patient and caregivers/family members.  

How can the patient benefit? 

  • Potential to provide more options than working with a single provider. 
  • Cost effective; there is NEVER a charge to have your case discussed in the board.   
  • Expands knowledge of your current medical team.
  • We have found many things when reviewing scans that were missed at the local level. 
  • We educate the community and invite clinicians to join each week if they want to learn more.  
  • Increased competition to do more for each patient.  
  • Written report detailing the boards consensus shared with the local team and the patient upon request.  

Interested in having your case discussed at a Tumor Board? 

Please reach out to Tom Stockwell tom@fibrofighters.org or Dr. Paul Kent paulkentmd@fibrofighters.org.