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What is xCures?

In the fall of 2020 when speaking with Dr. Kesari, an oncologist and researcher who previously treated our son and who has been seeing several of our Fibrolamellar patients over the years mentioned I should investigate what xCures could potentially offer our patient community, so I did.  Please read why FibroFighters is so excited about the endless possibilities this offers patients, clinicians, and researchers.   

XCures and Fibrofighters signed a collaboration agreement back in April of 2021 and immediately began perfecting a program specific for our Fibrolamellar community https://xcures.com/xcures-partners-with-fibrofighters/  

Using their HIPPA compliant, IRB approved platform and study patient records can be collected in real-time allowing xCures to obtain the most current real-world evidence and as just one example our Medical Director Dr. Paul Kent is working closely with xCures to help answer key community questions like which treatments appear to be working and why.  

When patients enroll with xCures, the platform transforms the patient’s complex unstructured medical data into structured data suitable for use and analysis, regardless of how and where they are being treated.  

This structured data is also accessible to patients and their healthcare team, which empower patients and their oncologists to make more informed and effective treatment decisions.  By analyzing what worked for similar patients, the xCures platform can provide insight into treatment options to consider.  Through on-line portals, patients and their medical team receive: 

  • Structured and graphical summaries of their cancer history (Cancer Journey) 
  • Personalized lists of potential treatment options with their scientific/medical rationales. 
  • The ability to have their case discussed in a Fibrolamellar specific International Tumor Board inviting the patients local medical team to join an assembled group of Fibrolamellar experts in multiple disciplines for example surgical, interventional radiology, radiation oncology along with pediatric and adult oncologist all to discuss your specific case.  
  • In addition, they can recommend relevant clinical trials, help secure off label options, create N of 1 clinical trial utilizing your local oncologist and provide clinical evidence needed to help secure insurance approvals.  

Patients and their medical teams benefit from the collective data, knowledge, and experiences of everyone in the network, in return for ongoing access to their electronic medical records throughout their cancer journey.  The xCures platform continually grows and learns as more patients contribute their information. 

Check out their YouTube channel here.

Here is how a pancreatic patient caregiver describes her experience with the xCures platform.

Watch Dr. Kesari M.D. PhD is a medical oncologists perspective about how he uses xCures.

To Review xCures is a venture-backed company that has developed a platform that not only provides de-identified patient data for use by researchers, but also arms cancer patients and their oncologists with tools to make more informed and effective treatment decisions. Please watch this video from Mika Newton CEO of xCures.

xCures Company Presentation at DTRA – YouTube

If you are a current patient, a caregiver or a loved one of a fallen Fighter, please use the following link to enroll in the xINFORM platform  Fibrolamellar observational research study. You do not need to upload any records; this is all done by the professional staff at xCures.

Designed for our patients:
1) Receive and review all of your medical records in one location.
2) Instantly get a care summary you can share at future appointments.
3) Let machine learning and artificial intelligence find the most promising treatments for you.

Frequently asked questions https://xcures.com/faq/xinform/ can this be embedded so viewers will not leave the site.

If you are a medical professional, please sign up to the xDECIDE platform.  Designed for physicians: Treatment decision support and patient case visualization portal. Spend your time evaluating treatment options for patients, not researching them https://provider.xcures.com/signup?source=xcw


If you have any questions about the platform, or help in navigating the sign up process please reach out to tom@fibrofighters.org or paulkentmd@fibrofighters.org 

Meet the xCures Team

Tim Stuhlmiller
VP of Scientific and Medical Affairs for xCures

Translational biology and clinical scientist, entrepreneur, and scientific advisor with 15+ years combined experience in academic research and the start-up biotechnology industry: project leadership, scientific team management, business development, strategic asset positioning, clinical protocol design, translational research applications, systems-biology wet lab techniques, and bioinformatics.  Significant experience in real-world data (RWD) and real-world applications/limitations of cancer treatment.  Diverse academic background of cell signaling, molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, proteomics, next-generation sequencing, high-throughput screening, and the computational integration of systems biology-level datasets.  Specific expertise in oncogene addiction in cancer and adaptive resistance mechanisms to targeted kinase inhibitors.  I have a strong interest in the development of novel targeted therapies and the clinical advancement of synergistic combination regimens for oncology.  Additionally, I am co-founder of a pharmaceutical company currently working to in-license cancer therapeutics for molecular biomarker-driven development. 

Julie Friedland
Director, Precision Medicine for xCures

Extensive experience in real-world data, clinical analysis, interpretation, and curation of scientific literature for use in precision/personalized medicine.  Effective communicator with attention to detail and able to prepare and present materials for both the scientific and lay audiences in a clear and concise manner and meet strict deadlines.  Consistently the top performer in my position.

Excellence and experience in mentoring, guiding, and training scientists and software developers.  Serve as a leader to organize priorities, manage individual and team capabilities, and drive groups toward goals and milestones in a fast-paced environment with strict deadlines. 

Precision Medicine/Writing/Editorial Skills:
Solid understanding of cancer-associated signaling pathways important in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies, Knowledge and understanding of a number of applicable databases, including COSMIC, cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics, Ensembl, IARC TP53 Database, Integrative Genomics Viewer, ClinVar, ExAc, and Exome Variant Server, Proficient in clinical trial searching and filtering using clinicaltrials.gov, In-depth knowledge and use of PubMed and other resources for literature mining and filtering for applicable data, Ability to create and edit xml documents using xml editor software, Expertise in the research, understanding, and reporting of scientific data in a clear and concise manner, Editorial capability with the knowledge and ability to interpret others’ writing to edit and provide clear feedback. 

Alanis Sabates
Clinical Data Associate for xCures